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Toyama Airport is located in Toyama City, Toyama Prefecture.
Runway length is 2000m. ICAO code: RJNT


Download (ZIP file, 5.07MB, Ver.1.11)

Download (Installer EXE file, 4.30MB, Ver.1.11a)


Fix for P3D

In case that the bank is not be displayed correctly in P3D, use this fix file.

Download (Fix for P3D, ZIP file, 9.41KB)


SODE Version

Download (ZIP file, 7.89MB, Ver.1.12)

Download (Installer EXE file, 10.7MB, Ver.1.12)


Revision History

Feb 27, 2016: Ver.1.00 released.
Apr 04, 2016: Ver.1.01 released.
Apr 13, 2016: Ver.1.02 released.
Aug 29, 2016: Ver.1.03 released.
Sep 27, 2016: Ver.1.04 released.
Jul 23, 2017: Ver.1.10 released.
Jul 27, 2017: Ver.1.11 released.
Jun 09, 2018: Ver.1.12 released.
(SODE Version Only)

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