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Akita Airport for FSX

Screen Shots

Akit Airport is located in Akita City, Akita Prefecture.
Runway length is 2500m. ICAO code: RJSK

This scenery includes 10m mesh terrain data.
This data is based on the Basic Geospatial Information published by Geospatial Information Authority of Japan.
Approval number: 平30情使、 第55号

Installation of Simobject Display Engine (SODE) is required. SODE is included in the installer version.


Download (ZIP file, 67.7MB, Ver.1.11)

Download (Installer/ZIP compressed, 65.4MB, Ver.1.11)

Revision History

Nov 30, 2018: Ver.1.00 released.
Dec 03, 2018: Ver.1.01 released.
Dec 16 2018: Ver.1.02 released.
Apr 28, 2020: Ver.1.10 released.
May 15, 2020: Ver.1.11 released.